Saturday, October 1, 2011

new licks

we just finished our first world tour with iggy pop to promote our cassette tape that BORED IN THE USA was lovely enough to release for us. heres some stuff we've got coming up

nov 2 in st augustine w/ jacuzzi boys @ sirens

nov 16 in gainesville w/ so pastel @ the atlantic

october 29 w/ mauser and worlds @ the fest gainesville

We will be recording an ep with Arlington from st dad and Chris donaldson at drugged conscience will be releasing it shortly.


  1. Hey there - I met Richard and Elizabeth up in Atlanta after Nick Lowe, looked Rose Cross up and turns out I'll be at the Jacuzzi Boys show in St. Augustine, too (their schedule says it is at Sirens on the 2nd; has that changed)? Crazy-cool coincidences abound! See ya soon, and please get in touch if you have a chance! - Jaime (backbeatboogie[at]

  2. Rose Cross fucking rule. so glad to find this blog.